Programs/Project Highlights

With the approval of its Rationalization Plan by Department of Budget and Management, ASTI officially debuted its Knowledge Management Division (formerly Special Project Division) on 2009. One of only a few government agencies in the Philippines with a dedicated Knowledge Management Unit, several activities were regularly conducted which became part of the agency's initiatives for organizational development and institutional growth. Apart from the regular technical knowledge dissemination and technology transfer activities, KM division provided necessary support to its staff by strengthening its knowledge capital, and through expanding its social capital and external networks.

The following are the core endeavors of the Unit:

  1. Organizational Development and Knowledge Capital
    1. Development and Facilitation of Communities of Practice;
    2. Knowledge Harvesting and Development through Success Stories and Lessons Learned
    3. Technology Intelligence
    4. Knowledge Sharing Session
    5. KM Audit
    6. Establishment and Maintenance of agency's Knowledge Base

  2. Social Capital and Knowledge Networks
    1. National Contact Point (NCP) Activities
    2. Establishment of Knowledge Networks
    3. Conduct and Facilitation of identified ICT Training and Events

Ongoing Foreign Partnership Projects

Success Stories

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